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Curt Gambetta cugambetta at yahoo.com
Tue May 19 00:32:38 CDT 2015

Dear Ashali and all:
Just a quick note in case anyone else has a similar question. Please post announcements directly to the list from an email that is subscribed to it. I also recommend keeping your announcement entirely text-based, which will assure it posts to the list immediately. If the file includes more than just text (such as attachments or embedded graphics), I will have to approve it. Further, if you cc a lot of people on your email, it will also require approval. This is to dissuade spam.
So again, if you want to assure speedy and immediate delivery, make the message purely text-based, and try not cc a lot of people on the email.
Apologies if you have posted and I have been delayed in approving it. Sometimes things go to my spam folder, and I do not see them for a while.
List members would be interested in the goings on at Studio X Mumbai, so please do post announcements here!

Happy posting!

Curt, moderator

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 Subject: [Urbanstudy] Studio X Events
I work for Studio X Mumbai and we often host lectures, workshops and exhibitions. What is the procedure to have our events sent out on your mailing list? What kind of advance notice do you need and what details are required?
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