[Urbanstudy] Bengaluru Talkies: Screening of Tintin in Tibet -31st May, 2015; Time- 18:30 @ Paradigm Shift

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Bengaluru Talkies: Screening of Tintin in Tibet -31st May, 2015; Time-
18:30 @ Paradigm Shift

At Paradigm Shift <https://www.facebook.com/paradigmshiftvegan> we all are
in the mood of celebrating birthdays of authors and poets. And for
convenience sake the date and timing of celebration is largely kept on
weekends, which at times mean that there is some lag between the date of
birthday and the actual celebrations.

May is also the birthday month of Belgian cartoonist Herge – Georges
Prosper Remi, creator or father of Tintin <https://www.facebook.com/Tintin>.
Tintin’s adventures have made our growing up years exciting, we all waited
for the telecast of the episodes of ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ and a lot of
us read the comic series Tintin at some point in our lives. With the
inspiration from Tintin a few of us became interested in writing and
solving mysteries and some are already living that life.

Not everything was rosy with Tintin. We may not have realized while
watching ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ but the cartoon and comic series played
around with the politics of the day, it had elements of racism. Still the
series is dear to our heart.

We at Paradigm Shift will be celebrating Herge’s birthday by watching the
episode “Tintin in Tibet”, floor will also be open for sharing the stories
and reflections on what role Tintin played in our day to day lives.

Tintin in Tibet: While on holiday at a resort in the French Alps with
Snowy, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus, Tintin reads about a plane
crash in the Gosain Than Massif in the Himalayas of Tibet. He then has a
vision of his friend Chang Chong-Chen, badly injured and calling for help
from the wreckage of the crashed plane. Concerned, Tintin flies to
Kathmandu with Snowy and a sceptical Captain Haddock. They hire a Sherpa
named Tharkey and, accompanied by porters, travel overland from Nepal
towards the crash site.

The porters abandon the group in fear when mysterious Yeti tracks are
found, while Tintin, Haddock and Tharkey go on and eventually reach the
crash site. Tintin sets off with Snowy to trace Chang’s steps, and, after
glimpsing what seems to be a human silhouette in a snowstorm, finds a cave
where Chang has carved his name on a rock. Tharkey believes that Tintin saw
the Yeti and convinces him to abandon his friend and return with him to
Nepal, since the area is too large to search. However, Tintin spots a scarf
on a cliff face, concludes Chang is near, and continues with only the
Captain. While attempting to climb upwards, Haddock slips and hangs down
the cliff wall, imperilling Tintin, who is tied to him. He tells Tintin to
cut the rope to save himself, but Tintin refuses. Haddock tries to cut it
himself, but drops his knife, alerting Tharkey, who has returned in time to
rescue them. They try to camp for the night but lose their tent and must
trek onwards, unable to sleep lest they freeze, arriving within sight of
the Buddhist monastery of Khor-Biyong before being caught in an avalanche.

Blessed Lightning, a monk at the monastery, has a vision of Tintin, Snowy,
Haddock, and Tharkey in peril. Tintin regains consciousness and, unable to
help himself, gives Snowy a note to deliver. Snowy runs to the monastery
and is recognised as the dog from Blessed Lightning’s vision. Tintin,
Haddock and Tharkey regain consciousness in the monastery and are brought
before the Grand Abbot. The Abbot tells Tintin to abandon his quest, but
Blessed Lightning has another vision, through which Tintin learns that
Chang is still alive inside a mountain cave at the Horn of the Yak—and that
the Yeti is also there. Tintin and Haddock travel on to the Horn of the Yak.

They arrive at a cave. Tintin ventures inside and finds Chang, who is
feverish and shaking. The Yeti suddenly appears, revealed as a large
anthropoid, reacting with anger at Tintin’s attempt to take Chang away.
Lunging at Tintin, the flash bulb of Tintin’s camera is accidentally set
off, scaring the Yeti into fleeing. Chang explains that the Yeti saved his
life after the crash. Upon returning to inhabited lands, the friends are
surprised to be met by the Grand Abbot, who presents Tintin with a silk
scarf in honour of the bravery he has shown for his friend Chang. As the
party travels home, Chang muses that the Yeti is not a wild animal, but has
a human soul. The Yeti sadly watches their departure from a distance.
(Courtesy Wikipedia).

Come and bring your friends, family and colleagues along. Vegan Cookies and
Lemon tea shall be in the menu. The event is open and free for all.

*Date: 31st May, 2015*

*Time: 18:30*

*Venue: Paradigm Shift, 3rd – 4th Floor, Above GKB Opticals, 8, 80 Feet
Road, Near Sony Signal, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore. *

For more details you can either write to us:
paradigmshiftbangalore at gmail.com, visit our website:
call +919663427315



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