[Urbanstudy] This is CII sponsored consultation, civil society please shut up

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This is CII sponsored consultation, civil society please shut up

government is all set to ‘reform’ the existing environmental laws. It was
believed that they will have cake walk by starting with waste.  On April 7,
2015 draft rules dealing with Municipal Solid Waste, E- Waste, Biomedical
and Plastic waste were released on the website of Ministry of Environment,
Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) for consideration.  Both Municipal Solid
Plastic Waste
are better than their predecessors; still there are a lot of changes which
need to be made, to make them near perfect.

With E-waste it seems that the Secretary who has drafted the document has
no relationship of whatsoever kind with the existing realities and has
totally forgotten the fact that 90% of e-waste is being processed and
recycled by informal economy workers and unfortunately they are kept out of
the ambit of rules. Their inclusion is not on the cards of Ministry. It’s a
different discussion and has already been highlighted in another post.

The post here is not to critique the draft rules. It is about the processes
adopted later.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Federation of Indian Chambers of
Commerce and Industry (FICCI) executives thought it is a best opportunity
to become the stakeholders in the process of finalizing rules, because
their members are being taxed additionally for *Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan *(Clean
India Campaign) initiated by Govt. of India.  As a part of the mandate of
CII & FICCI they decided to hold Stakeholders Meeting under the leadership
of MoEFCC in four cities of India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata
assuming that whole of India lives in these cities. In simple words, they
became the ‘sponsors’ of ‘public consultation’. By sponsoring what they
didn’t realise was that they have uncovered the true ‘*suit boot waali’*
image of *chaiwallah*’s (tea vendors’) government. Continued here...



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