[Urbanstudy] Solo Performance : If It Be Now - Fragments and Impressions of Hamlet Saturday and Sunday at Paradigm Shift

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Thu May 21 10:33:12 CDT 2015

The Arshinagar Project (Kolkata) presents "If It Be Now - Fragments and
Impressions of Hamlet"

Devised and performed by : Arka Mukhopadhyay

About the Piece:

"Thank you for producing and sustaining the intensity that makes the work
riveting. All the agonizing questions of our times about our self, our
identity, our loneliness and the daily jousting with self-doubt find space
within the illumined spaces of candle light"
Sadanand Menon, distinguished theatre scholar and journalist

The piece is based on works by Boris Pasternak, Heiner Muller, Jan Kott and
others, as well as original writing and Shakespeare's play. Combining
elements of structured action and improvisation, it looks, not for meaning
or a message, but at experience - at an utterly human Hamlet, trapped
inside a prison of words, giving birth to him in the immediacy of the now,
responding as much to the physical space and the presence of the watchers,
as to the universe of Hamlet. In effect, this is a passion play that tries
to find illumination out of darkness.

The performance has violent images and explicit content, hence viewer
discretion is advised. It is open only to those above 18 years of age..

The performance lasts for approximately forty-five minutes

More reactions:
"There is a sense of joyousness in spite of the pain. Watching you, I too
felt that joy"

"Made me connect with absurdity! For that, thanks a lot."

"Perplexed, frightened & suddenly aware!"

"Simply amazing, complexity brings out something other than the usual"

"Thank you for thinking and having us think with you. Hamlet to Godot to

Dates: May 23rd and 24th Time: 7:30 PM (no entries will be permitted once
the performance has started. Please be there by 7:15 PM at the latest)
Venue: Paradigm Shift Tickets: 300/-

For details, e-mail: thearshinagarproject at gmail.com or call +919831731422
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