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*Call for Internship - Agents of Change-Grounds Team*

I am concerned about climate change

I want to learn more about the environment and climate change

I wish to do something for the environment

I have an idea to solve climate change

I want to have a career in environment

I want to bring awareness amongst my friends and neighbours

I want to understand how I can contribute to the cause

I want to build a network of committed individuals in my community

I want to understand climate policy and politics

I want to take up a social cause.

Do you find yourself having these thoughts? Then you have come to the right

We are looking for five highly motivated and committed individuals to
intern with Indian Youth Climate Network on our Agents of Change Project to
bolster youth engagement on Climate Change and sustainability related


IYCN is a network of youth oriented organizations and individuals working
or concerned on the issue of climate change and sustainable development
Climate change, undoubtedly is a challenge of immense proportions but the
solutions and the ultimate change, we believe can be achieved through a
rigorous execution of three simple yet crucial steps!

v  Advocacy and campaigning

v  Carbon reducing/clean energy projects

v  Strong and Impacting Climate policy

Starting in 2008, so far under the *Agents of Change* (AOC) programme,
Indian youth have attended and monitored the developments in four
Conference of the Parties (COP) at United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change – Poznan, Copenhagen, Cancun, and Durban. The delegation
sent to each COP was supported by a strong ground-team back in India.


With COP 20 in Lima as our next milestone, we’re looking for 5 dynamic
young people in the age group 18-35 who will spend the next few months
studying India’s climate policy, and do advocacy and liasoning with
government and civil society organizations to support the youth delegation
going to Conference of Parties-20 (COP) to United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), so that the voice of youth from
India are heard loud and clear. Students and professionals from any
educational background concerned about the environment

AOC programme has strengthened the voice of Indian Youth both domestically
and internationally. The experience has also translated into a better
appreciation of the issue at hand leading to local action where the youth
have gone on the spread the message of sustainability and low carbon growth.

AOC internship can serve as a springboard for youth to learn first-hand
about the politics and policy making on Climate Change (international and
domestic). The team will work with an eye towards the COP 21 in Paris. The
internship will prepare youth in advocacy, policy making and analysis,
fund-raising, campaigning and awareness programs.

*The commitments you will have to make*

   - Devote at least 4 hours a day to AOC. As the COP draws nearer, time
   commitment will rise proportionately.
   - Be a team player and stay in regular touch with the team members over
   emails, phone, skype.
   - Attend meetings, workshops, seminar in your city to keep abreast of
   the developments around negotiations.
   - Take the Climate Perception Survey of Youth in India to as many youth
   as possible.
   - Arrange for interviews with experts to get critical feedback for the
   Climate Perception Survey of Youth.
   - Work together with the fundraising coordinator to raise funds to
   attend the summit for the grounds-team.
   - Get trained as Trainer of Trainer (ToT) on climate change policy and
   politics and develop expertise on one of the key areas.
   - Be available for trainings and workshops organized for the team going
   to Lima, Peru.
   - Post-COP engagement with the activities related to training of more
   youth and spreading the message of sustainability.
   - Blog about developments at UNFCCC leading upto COP 20 and blog about
   negotiations in Lima on the area of your expertise.

*Please Note:* IYCN will work also alongside with the interns to fundraise
for COP 20 for facilitating participation of the interns selected but at
this point there is no guarantee.

Certificates will be issued on completion of internship.

*Application procedure*

Please fill out the following form by midnight on August 22, 2014. Late and
incomplete applications (missing one of the parts or a resume) will not be
accepted. We will be short listing applicants for an interview round and we
will contact them regarding the specifics. The final delegation will be
announced by August 31, 2014.

*Who to contact for queries*

You can email us at intern at iycn.in if you have any queries. We will answer
your email within 48 hours. Just some email etiquette to keep things
simple. If you have a question, subject your email *Query: your name* and
if it’s your application you’re sending in keep the subject *Application:
your name*. Thanks!

Please click on the link below to go to the form:


We look forward to your applications!

Best Regards,



Indian Youth Climate Network
email: kabir at iycn.in

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