[Reader-list] Contributions are invited for an edited volume to be published on Synchronising Education and Employment for Visually Challenged!

Dr. Vipin K. Malhotra vipin.malhotra at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 20:11:34 CDT 2014

Concept Note for inviting contribution on: 

Synchronizing Educational and Employment Opportunities for the Visually Challenged”.

We are in the process of bringing out a book with articles on the above topic. This is part of our Innovation Project (University of Delhi) which we had taken up with the following objectives:  

v      To integrate education and employment opportunities for the differently abled especially the visually challenged 

v       To bring them into mainstream life and enable them to work and function in the present liberalized, privatized, globalized (LPG) world.

v      To suggest framing new laws, create socio-political awareness and sensitize the community and educational institutions around us

We hope to achieve our ambitious objectives by

v      exploring the challenges faced by disabled students in higher education system in India and by assessing the prospects of a viable college/university environment that would cater to the educational needs of the disabled

v      finding out the reasons behind the visually challenged not being able to cope and work in the present LPG scenario

v      understanding what organizations require for employing visually challenged persons and how the latter can be empowered in this aspect

v      learning about the present laws on this subject and suggesting amendments 

v      increasing the Communication Skills of the visually challenged students

v     making them comfortable with E-learning and the use of technology

v     developing basic writing skills in such students 

v     creating awareness in schools and colleges for paying special attention to the needs of the differently abled 

v     reshaping perceptions of organizations and making them sensitive to the need to employ the differently abled

v     creating gender sensitivity   

Those who are interested in making a difference to societal perceptions about the visually challenged, suggest improvements in the education system and increase their employability chances are welcome to submit articles. Any theme or sub theme related to the above will be accepted. Articles should be 4000-5000 words long and follow the Chicago manual of style. The link given below will help you with citations. 


Information on submissions:

Abstracts on the chosen theme/subtheme are due by the 20th of May 2014. 

Full length articles have to reach us by the end of July 2014. 

For queries and submission of abstract and article, write to under signed

Dr. Vipin K. Malhotra
Associate Prof. Sri Aurobindo College Delhi University, Teaching law and
political Science; National Coordinator, Legal Aid Cell for Persons with
society for Child development;
Ex-president, DUPHCHTA;
Joint Secretary National Association for the Blind Delhi;
BA Hons., MA, M.Phil, Ph.D. Pol.Science;
LLB & LLM Delhi Univ.
Res. 58 DDA SFS Flats, Sector-22, Dwarka New Delhi-110077.
Phone 9868-177-335.
vipin.malhotra at gmail.com
Skype Id. vipin.malhotra

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