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CCDS invites articles for its forthcoming volume of Infochange Agenda on

Infochange Agenda is an online and print journal published since 2004
combining data, perspective and analysis with reportage on one theme issue
every quarter.

This issue follows on the last, on trends in urbanisation (

We are looking to include:

* Measurements and definitions of urban poverty; inadequacy of official

* Growth and trends in urban poverty in India

* Poverty and vulnerability that makes it difficult to escape deleterious
a) Economic vulnerability: temporary/contract employment, no credit
facilities, assets; insecurity of livelihoods in informal sector, etc
b) Social vulnerability: Poor education, skills, social capital; caste,
religious exclusion; exclusion from services and institutions
c) Gender vulnerability: The feminisation of urban poverty
d) Health-related vulnerability: The cost of healthcare; inadequacy of
public healthcare services
e) Housing vulnerability: Access to housing and basic services; slums; lack
of security of tenure in housing; the homeless
f) Food insecurity of the urban poor

* Entitlements and policies for urban poor
* Governance and the urban poor: Marginalisation of the poor in
participatory urban governance
 * Case studies of progression from survival to security to quality of life
* Interventions that have worked -- governmental, non-governmental.

​Contributions should be 1500-3000 words. We offer an honorarium of Rs 2500
per article published. Send contributions to: hutokshi at ccds.in. We are
looking to have all content in by May 15.


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