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Readers' मजलिस: Love in the times of

*“The rainbow seems to be a cover under which each person was free to be,
free to choose how to live, free to dream and to be accepted. It took me a
while to muster courage to walk under it. Eventually, when I did, it was my
baptism. In the midst of a cheering and dancing crowd, I alone walked under
the curtain. No one **noticed me, no one knew it was my baptism, but when I
emerged from under it, a banner started in my face: ‘Walk together to walk
alone’.”*- Roll of Honour

We are living in the times when Indian society at large is looking for
hyper masculine leadership. What does it mean for those who don't agree
with the populist narrative? Should they not make their dissenting voices
heard? Silence is definitely not a good response!

Re-reading of the novel ‘Roll of Honour’ is part of the dialogue series
which Paradigm Shift Café is planning to organize this year in order to
strengthen the voices against macho-ist narrative.

‘Roll of Honour’ is a novel about 1984. It is about ‘Operation blue star-
an act of sodomy’, it’s about deeply patriarchal and machismo worshiping
society, more than that the novel is about love. It’s the story of affable
relationship between Appu & Gaurav. It’s about acceptance of diverse

For the most people out there –the act of sodomy & same sex relationship
are just the same. There is a thin blurred line which distinguishes them.
The novel is the story of that thin blurred line. We will be reading and
discussing the novel together with the author.

Paradigm Shift Café invites you for the re-reading of ‘Roll of Honour’ by
Amandeep Sandhu. The novel was nominated for The Hindu Literary Award. You
can avail your copies from Amazon & Blossoms book shop.

Those who are not keen to read the novel are also welcome as the
conversation will be all inclusive and it will be a space to explore our
own diverse identities and the way we perceive our very own self especially
when the act of love itself is declared to be criminal.

Amandeep Sandhu: Aman was born in Rourkela & he has travelled all over
India, worked as a farm-hand, woolen garment seller, shop assistant,
tuition master, journalist and a teacher. Apart from ‘Roll of Honour’ Aman
has written the novel ‘Sepia leaves’ which is about a child’s struggle and
husband’s commitment to reconcile with their schizophrenic mother and wife

It was well received in literary circles, The Hindu called it ‘a tale of
several survivals against terrible odds’, Deccan Herald praised it by
saying ‘This book is ultimately a testament to love and acceptance and
redefines the true meanings of commitment.’

Let’s talk about love in the times of terror with a cup of green tea and
some vegan cookies, looking forward to your worthy presence.

Date: 19th April, 2014
Time: 6:15pm
Place: Paradigm Shift Cafe- #8, 3rd floor and terrace, 80ft road, 4th
block, at sony world signal, koramangala -560034 (Above GVK Opticals)
Facebook Invite:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1411672952431149/

For more details contact:

Sowmya: 09686018042- sowmya_reddy_r at yahoo.in
Kabir: 09663427315 - kabir.postbox at gmail.com

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