[Reader-list] Latest from our protest camp in Delhi

Zulfiqar Shah shahzulf at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 17 09:12:46 CDT 2014

Dear all: 

It is really encouraging for us (Fatima and myself) to know
that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) India has given directives to
the Ministry to Home Affairs (MHA) for holding an inquiry regarding our issue
as well as given directions regarding our stay permission and related issues.
Meanwhile, I am astonished to know today that the higher authorities have
already send the letter (in February 2014) to the concerned section for issuing me a long term
permission; however I have not been issued such a permission as yet. Just
planning to appear before the Supreme Court of India in my petition in person
versus Pakistan High Commission and Union of India. I re-iterate today that as
per international laws and norms I (along with Fatima) was a Pakistani national
before December 18, 2012; thereafter I am a Sindhi refugee; however one can add
if he or she wants to ‘a Sindhi refugee of Pakistan origin’. I hope, like
earlier, none attempted stealing my documents from my stay camp at Jantar
Mantar. I hope Pak High Commission would no more be facilitated in our affairs
in the soil of India.

Zulfiqar Shah
New Delhi, India

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