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so all previously written laws will now be re-interpreted to include
non-gender persons

this means also that, persons (natural and artificial) that previously
were unable to access gender based law will now have access

for example, corporations (artificial persons) will now be able to claim
rights that were written to protect women from men, corporations and the

this new law is a huge victory for corporations

why do you think in a global crisis of energy, economy and ecology an
entire legal system will be re-interpreted for a bunch of queers ?

all laws that have been written to protect persons against the state and
corporations that are based on gender are not only now worthless, but will
be used against the people they were originally intended to protect

the stalkers law in the uk was written to protect women from men, but it
is mostly used by corporations against activists now

there is a huge value in being queer, ie outside and opposed to the system
both for the system and also the queer

total rationalisation is not a good thing

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> From: chayanika shah <chayanikashah at gmail.com>
> Date: 15 April 2014 12:02
> Subject: Some good news
> And here is one Supreme Court judgement given by Justice K S
> Radhakrishnan
> and A K Sikri, that came this morning, that can warm our hearts and be
> soothing balm for the troubled minds. It is in the context of
> transgender
> rights. The main features as shared by Lawyers Collective who were
> fighting
> this case:
> Appears to be a fantastic victory!!
> Here are the main points:
> 1. Recognition of third gender.
> 2. Recognition of people who identify in the opposite sex based on
> self-identification. Includes female identifying as male and male
> identifying as female.
> 3. Non-recognition of gender identity amounts to discrimination under
> Arts
> 14, 15 and 16.
> 4. Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation and gender
> identity
> amounts to discrimination on the ground of sex under Art  15.
> 5. No SRS required for recogntition of gender identity.
> 6. Persons gender identity based on their choice is protected under the
> constitution.
> 7. A series of directions have been given to the Centre and States
> based on
> the above.
> We will have more details as the judgment is available.
> In solidarity,
> Amritananda
> Lawyers Collective
> For more news go to facebook or
> http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/treat-transgenders-as-third-gender-for-job-benefits-supreme-court-508705
> http://barandbench.com/content/212/transgenders-third-gender#.U0zNtqLnZn0
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