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Wanted Series: Critical Writing

DISCLAIMER: Please note,the time for this event has changed.

Saturday, 5 April 2014, 17:00 ? 20:00
Siddhartha Hall, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi

Photography in India is currently going through an explosive phase with more and more people taking to the medium to capture the quickly changing world around them. But this upward trend in photography has not triggered an equivalent rise in writers who can sift through this ubiquity of the image and interpret the directions contemporary photography is taking in India. Too often, work that is banal and derivative passes for good photography because there are not enough writers who understand the medium of photography and can critically evaluate it.

The democratization and globalization of photography is giving rise to exciting new work that needs critical engagement. There is a need to spur the development of critical writing on photography in India so that a meaningful engagement can be built between photographs and their viewers.

This event seeks to discuss and deliberate questions around this theme such as but not limited to: What defines critical writing? What is the reason for the lack of good writing on photography in India? What can be done to develop more writers on photography? What is the history of photography writing in India? How can writing on photography be made more accessible to the general public without losing quality? The invited speakers will share their experiences, which will be followed by an open discussion with everyone present.

The speakers taking part in the symposium are:

Sabeena Gadihoke is Associate Professor, Video and TV Production. With a Bachelor?s in History from Delhi University and a Master?s in Mass Communication from the AJK MCRC Jamia University, she started to teach at the MCRC in 1990. Besides being an academic, Sabeena is a photo historian and curator. She has written extensively on Indian photography and has curated several shows on photography, the most recent of which was a retrospective on Homai Vyarawalla at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore.

Georgina Maddox blurs the lines of documentation, theory and praxis by operating as a critic, curator and involving herself in visual art projects. She has collaborated and written about art practices that examine and speak about issues of gender, sexuality, marginalization and the juxtaposition of social hierarchy with acts of agency and defiance. She has worked as a fulltime culture correspondent with the Indian Express and the Times of India; currently she freelances as an art writer and has a regular art column in Time Out and the Hindu Business line Sunday Magazine Blink, while published in Open Magazine, Tehelka, India Today, Harpers Bazaar and Elle Magazine.

Hemant Sareen is a New Delhi-based independent art writer, critic, editor, and artist. He was a contributing editor and an associate editor at the Hong Kong-based ArtAsiaPacific, and continues to contribute to both Indian and international art publications. His photographic work has been published both in India and abroad including his photo essay in Punctum (2011). His work as an artists was shown in two group shows in New Delhi 2012 and a solo, ZooPoetics: A New Subject for the Next Social Revolution in 2013.

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