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Gaurav Mukherjee,

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Special Invitation to the IDU's Flagship Pre-Election Debate [New Delhi,
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Hey guys,

Feel free to spread the word.


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Invitation to the IDU's Flagship Pre-Election Debate [New Delhi, Saturday
5th April]
To: Anna da Costa

Hey folks,

An important debate happening this Saturday evening in Delhi. Please feel
free to forward these details on to anyone else who might be interested.

Many thanks,


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Respected Friend,

The forthcoming general elections matter not only to those of us in India,
but to the world; we perceive it to be a duty to provide an incisive,
balanced, and *civilised* debate on this critical issue. It is therefore
our pleasure to invite you to The Indian Debating Union's forthcoming live
parliamentary debate, *this Saturday evening*. This is a flagship IDU
Vaishali debate, and is being held in association with New Delhi's iconic
India Habitat Centre.

The motion before the house is:

*This House Believes That Narendra Modi Does Not Deserve To Be Prime
Minister of India*

*This motion requires the debaters to address many critical issues, from
the 2002 Gujarat riots, social justice and minority concerns, to business,
development and national security. *

*The Chair [Madam Speaker]:*                      *Shaili Chopra*,
Award-Winning Journalist, Author & News Anchor

*For The Motion (Against Mr. Modi)*

1st Speaker, The Proposition:*                      Rakesh Sharma*,
Award-Winning Filmmaker on 2002 Gujarat Riots

2nd Speaker, The Proposition:                     *Divya Gupta*,
Development Practitioner & Independent Journalist

*Against The Motion (Defending Mr. Modi)*

1st Speaker, The Opposition:                       *Asifa Khan*, National
Executive Member, BJP Minority Morcha

2nd Speaker, The Opposition:                      *Abhaey Singh*,
Polemicist & Founder, The Indian Debating Union

Guests include prominent NGO leaders, activists, media, business and public
figures; the evening's guests of honour are *Zafar Sareshwala*,
philanthropist, activist & CEO, Parsoli Corporation and *Manoj Mitta*,
journalist & author of "The Fiction of Fact Finding" and "When a Tree Shook

*Date:                     *Saturday 5th April* (This Saturday)*

*Time:                    *Pre-debate networking starts at *6pm*, and
the *audience
must be seated by 6.45pm sharp**.*

*Strictly no late arrivals please; auditorium doors will be closed from
6.49pm until the house is adjourned at c. 9.30pm. *

*Uncivilised behaviour/interruptions of speakers are not tolerated at IDU
events. *

*Venue:                 The Stein Auditorium*, *The India Habitat Centre
(IHC)*, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. [Google Map Link: http://goo.gl/maps/oMhQ6 ]

Seats are strictly limited to venue capacity, and available on a first
come, first served basis. No press, media or other passes are required, and
your friends and family are welcome as our guests *(please delete the
sender's email address before forwarding this email to other invitees).*


*What is a Vaishali Debate ?*

The IDU's pioneering Vaishali style of parliamentary debate is inspired by
and in tribute to the oldest recorded republican democratic system is the
world. The little known ancient Indian city of Vaishali, the capital of the
republic of Licchavi <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Licchavi_(republic)>,
predated Athenian democracy by almost a century.

The IDU's Vaishali debates typically feature two celebrated guest speakers,
along with two IDU professional debaters in the spirit of a mock Lok Sabha
debate. The audience act as 'members of the house' and decide the outcome
of each debate.

*What is the point of a Vaishali Debate ?*

To present both sides of an important issue in a balanced, fair, and above
all, a highly civilised manner, as per the hallowed (but much abused)
traditions of India's timeless democracy and debate. Vaishali debates are
central to the IDU's mission to contribute to the re-assertion of the
primacy of civil debate in India, and around the world.

*What is the debate format ?*

   1. Each speaker will make a 8-10 minutes opening speech to present their
   2. After the four initial speeches are made, there will be an *audience
   Q&A session* during which you may ask succinct questions to any of the
   3. After the Q&A session, each speaker will make a 2 minute summary
   speech to close the debate.

*What is the house etiquette ?*

   1. Speakers refer to the chairperson as 'Madam Speaker' or 'Mr.
   Speaker', as appropriate.
   2. Speakers and the chairperson refer to the audience as 'members of the
   3. Opposing debaters refer to each other as 'my honourable opposition'.

*What are the house rules ?*

   1. There must be no interruptions by any speaker or member of the house,
   under any circumstances, during any of the speeches.
   2. Only one person may speak at any one time.
   3. Mobile phones must be switched off.
   4. The throwing of chairs and microphones, or the exchange of suitcases
   of cash during votes is not permitted at an IDU debate.

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