[Reader-list] Casting call for Independent Film in Delhi

rohitrellan at aol.in rohitrellan at aol.in
Tue Apr 1 00:23:22 CDT 2014

Casting Call for anindependent film in Delhi

Genre: Abstract / Drama(with twisted sub-plots)
Language: Mix of Hindi andEnglish, but mostly Hindi


Male lead:Early to mid-30s in age, strong (though not necessarily chiseled), rough masculinelooks

Femalelead: Very important role – needs to portray 4 different people (and looks)at different points. Mid to late 20s in age, attractive to look at

Lady 2:Mid to late 20s in age, doctor looks, with a streak of wickedness

Lady 3:Early to mid-20s in age, fit. This is a one scene role, but very important tothe plot

Man 2& 3: Mid to late 20s in age, fit but wicked, like corrupt policemen

Man 4:Late 40s to mid-50s in age, aristocratic aura, like a CEO or a Judge

Man 5& 6: Mid to late 30s in age, rough looks

Prior acting experience in theatre / independent films would be a bigplus, though not mandatory. 
To be shot in Delhi over April, May and June (mostly weekends). 
Please mail headshots and a brief bio at: filmbuffsofdelhi at gmail.com;garamjoshi24 at gmail.com


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