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*What Time Is It?*
*Technologies of Life in the Contemporary*
*15th December, Friday*
*@Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi*


*11:00 AM*

*Panel on 'Technics and Forensics' *

Susan Schuppli
*Material Witnesses and the Informational Enrichment of Matter*
Lorenzo Pezzani
*Disobedient Sensing: Visual and Aural Practices within and against the
European Maritime Frontier*

*12:30 PM*

Moinak Biswas will discuss his installation - *Across the Burning
Track *(HD, 25
min) - "an installation commissioned for the 11th Shanghai Biennale (2016).
It originally involved two screens and four channels of sound. The film
version uses a single split screen and stereo sound. It works through
Ritwik Ghatak’s autobiographical final film *Jukti, Takko ar Gappo *(‘Arguments
and Stories’, 1974)."

*2:30 PM*

A performance by Lantian Xie - *Speech Acts for Two Screenings: "*Staged as
conversations between two moviegoers, each episode imagines the situation
of a film screening as a field of possibility that produces annotations,
coincidences, plots, schemes, and riffs. Following these moviegoers in
their meetings from film to film, an itinerary emerges that describes
movement in the manner of a tangle."

*4:00 PM*

*Panel on 'The Archive Object' *

Michelle Wong
*Frictions Seen: Some Notes on **Pushing Disciplinary Boundaries of
Archiving **and Art History *
Venkat Srinivasan

*Ways of Seeing Memory, Database and the Narrative*
Sabih Ahmed
*No Distance: Archiving between the Delayed Present and the Immediate Past*

*6:30 PM*

Keller Easterling's <http://kellereasterling.com/> public lecture
titled *Medium
Design*: "Designing medium is managing the potentials and relationships
between objects—the activity or disposition immanent in their organization.
[...] The approach is less like designing an object and more like having
your hands on the faders and toggles of organization. Beyond the direct
declarations of laws or standards and exploiting indeterminacy as a matter
of practicality, the forms are organs of interplay that make time-released
or ratcheting adjustments to respond to changing conditions or moments when
they are politically out-manoeuvred."

*Pavilion:* *Five Gardens*, by architect Samir Raut, Mumbai, proposed by
School of Environment and Architecture

*Sound work in the pavilion by Ish S and diFfuSed beats.*

*Screening Room* featuring works by participating artists and academics.

For the full conference programme click here

For any queries, write to us at: contemporaryconference2017 at gmail.com

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