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*Call for Proposals: Sarai-CSDS Short Term Research Projects in Social and
Digital Media*

The Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi,
invites proposals from individuals for research projects on contemporary
social and digital media, its ecologies and histories. Research is
supported by a project grant from the Indian Council of Social Science

*We are interested in the following themes:*

Legal research: cases related to circulation of images and messages

Platform: design, participation, revenue, alternatives

Media streams: delivery and distribution of media (cinema, news, music,


Governance, media infrastructures, censorship and leakage

Censorship, government and commercial regulations and public campaigns

Intermedia junctions: screen cultures, interface design, data streams

Memory: storage, databases, retrieval, devices

Online media as archive

Financial flows and social media

Issues of privacy/disclosure

Social Media campaigns: organized politics, petitions, activism

Practice-based research on software and multimedia platforms

Mobile Phone culture and effects

In select cases, applications from themes beyond the above list will be

This research project takes inspiration from the pioneering Sarai
Independent Fellowship programme that initiated and supported a host of
individual researchers working on contemporary culture:




Sarai seeks once again to support a diverse community of researchers:
academics, practitioners (filmmakers, software programmers, artists,
journalists etc), and independent scholars. Like the previous programme, we
propose to mobilise collaborative models of research: we expect selected
researchers to interact both with Sarai's in-house research group and a
larger community, and deposit their materials in the Sarai archive for
public access and use.

Researchers do not have to be resident in Delhi, but will contribute
regularly with postings on their research in online platforms. There will
be a final paper and presentation in a workshop at Delhi.


Applicants should be resident in India, and should have an Indian Bank
Account and Income Tax PAN in her/his name.

The research project will be available for up to six months and for
a maximum amount of Rs. 100,000/-.

The research projects will run from May 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014.

 *You need to send:*

A proposal (max 1000 words)

A two page work-plan

An updated CV

Two work samples

Please *email these as PDF file* to dak at sarai.net with *"Application for
Short Term Research Project"* in the subject header.

*Last date for applications: April 10, 2014*



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