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 You are welcome to become a member of world-wide enterprise.
Would You Rather Have Financial independence or Time Freedom?

How about both?

Everyday People Living Extraordinary Lives Their Very First Year!
Your success will be achieved with personal mentoring by a group of individuals
that have already achieved a multiple six-figure income. The system that
is in place works perfectly. If you are not satisfied with unfairly low
salary and ready to earn much more, YOU have come to the RIGHT place. ANYONE
that is coachable and trainable will succeed. This opportunity requires
no personal selling or explaining. Here are just a few of YOUR benefits.

1. Your FREEDOM 
2. Your financial independence 
3. Unparalleled training and support 
4. More time with your family 
5. Total time flexibility
6. Work at your own place
8. Your earnings determined by YOU
9. No one giving you orders
10. No commutes
11. No more making others rich
12. No boss looking over your shoulder 

Earnings Potential 

This has the potential of being a six to seven-figure opportunity that
is designed for anyone to operate. You can make $1,000 per sale and have
add-on sales that bring $5,000 and $8,000, with no additional work. All
that is required of you is to duplicate what we have already done and you
will be shown every step of the way. People from all walks of life are
experiencing exceptional results. Ordinary people become extraordinary
in a matter of weeks! 

Fast Cash More Personal Time 

Unlike "traditional" businesses such as franchises costing $50,000 to $500,000
with unstable income and requiring work levels of 60-80 hours a week, this
business has the potential of generating results quickly. Some individuals
have put cash in their pockets their first few days of working in the system.
You will even have personal one-on-one coaching! This business is a cooperative
business. You will be provided the names of many successful leaders that
will gladly share their expertise so that YOU can be successful. You will
not be relying on just one individual - our entire team is dedicated to
your success. 
Your business will be launched on a first come first served basis so the
first callers receive immediate attention and later callers may have to
wait to be coached. For those who are ready to start today you will be
shown how to potentially make money this WEEK! If you can follow simple
directions, then you will do very well using the simple system of this

Unparalleled Training

Why depend on just one person for your training? With our team you will
be coached and individually assisted by a whole team of experts. There
are trainers who have had six figure MONTHS! And so can YOU! They will
gladly share with you their secrets. 
The reason ANYONE can be successful is because of the system. The system
takes care of EVERYTHING. The entire company was designed from the ground
up to be able to have someone with only minimal education have massive
success. Small businesses and people fail 90% of the time but systems work
every time. Add a compensation plan that is unparalleled to that equation
and what you get is a simple system that can give YOU enormous earnings
You will receive unparalleled training and support. It is worth repeating
here. The system was designed from the ground up to be able to allow anyone
to learn the business. All you need is the drive and a stick-to-it attitude.
Everything else is in place. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this M L M (Multi-Level Marketing)?
A: No it is not. M L M is a great concept but it lacks a system that provides
individual support. Also, realistically it takes 1-5 years to achieve huge
success in an M L M. Our system is designed for you to achieve success
in a shorter period - almost from the first week of working your business.

Q: Do I have to talk to people in this business?
A: Yes, you have to talk to people but only simple conversation skills
are required. We do no telling, selling, or explaining of any product,
nor do we try to convince anyone to buy our products.

Q: Are there other costs involved in running this business?
A: No. Anyone who tells you that it does take money to build a business
is lying to you. This is a business that generates a substantial income
and does not require initial investments. 

Q: On a scale of 1-10 what is the difficulty level of running this business?
A: With 10 being the most difficult and 1 being the simplest, out of all
the businesses, I would say for most everyone, it will be a 1 if they are
coachable and trainable and follow our simple system. 

The System for Your Success 

Your Action=Your Success! 

Winners Take Action! 
WINNERS make decisions and take action. . . when they see an opportunity.
They also follow the examples of other successful people because it's much
more efficient than learning the hard way. Winners don't make excuses and
they never procrastinate. Losers will procrastinate or study a problem
endlessly to make sure they don't do anything "rash". You can either decide
to leave my ad without responding or you can call now and get started immediately
in one of the most exciting businesses available today.

Lame Excuse #1 
"I'm not sure I want to invest my money to start a business when I have
seen some that I can start for free." 
If you want a 'job' with startup costs, you're on the wrong place. 

Lame Excuse #2 
"I don't have enough time to operate     
Do you have 15-25 hours a week to obtain the lifestyle you deserve? Countless
people from all walks of life, regardless of education or background, are
running successful businesses from home setting their own hours and making
fortunes by following a simple marketing system that allows financial,
personal, and time freedom to live the life they deserve.

Lame Excuse #3
"I've tried other businesses that sound similar to this, so I don't think
I am going to call."
Colonel Sanders tried to sell the idea of Kentucky Fried Chicken 1700 times
before someone bought into the idea. What if he had thought the same as
you and given up after the 10th time, or worse, given up on the 1699th
try. Persistence and belief in yourself is the key to success. The lessons
learned from past failures increase your chance for success the next time.
Walking away from this opportunity is giving up, plain and simple. Successful
people NEVER quit or give up on themselves!! "The true definition of insanity
is doing the same things and expecting different results."

A c t N o w!

 This business requires a small time commitment for making mega wealth.
Here, you can make the money and actually have the time to spend it! 

Your Steps to Success:
1. Fill the form
2. Send it to us
3. Follow our step by step instructions

Please fill it and send it to: support at max-pays.net
1. Your Full name:
2. Present Address (street):
3. City:
4. State:
5. Zip/Postal:
6. Country:
7. Email:
8. Age:
9. Employment desired (Full-time or Part-time):

10. Have you any accounts with banks? 
If yes, please mention the Name of the Bank. 
A few words about yourself:

All emails should be directed tosupport at max-pays.net
Best Wishes
Personal manager Steve Dauman
support at max-pays.net
Digi-sign: 854017
PS. For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, "It might
have been." John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)

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